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2-way streaming means you see your guests, they see each other - and everyone sees you! Your guests virtually participate in the special event rather than just watching. This is not your basic black streaming page.

iGuests goes beyond simply streaming your wedding to friends & family.

  • Custom Invitations to your virtual guest list
  • RSVP tracking & reminders
  • Your private pre-wedding page with images & chat
  • Wedding video page with 2-way streaming of your ceremony & your guests
  • Guest book, Chat room
  • All designed in your selected wedding motif

Your guests virtually participate in the special event!


Wedding Website

This website is your wedding home base. It is for you to enjoy with your partner as well as share with iGuests friends and family – no matter which package you purchase.

In addition to being fully customizable with your personal messages and images, the website will be decorated in the theme of your choice. For Classic package holders, it will be embellished in a floral theme. For Premium package holders, choose among 5 beautiful decorative themes — and the website will reflect your choice.

Have fun making it your own!

Customized e-Vites

Easy peasy! 

Enter the email addresses of your iGuests in your account page – then push the send button! That’s all there is to it! 

Your iGuests will receive their e-Vite in their inbox decorated in your choice of theme.

Once your guest clicks on the RSVP, they will be directed to create a login and password so that only they have access to your wedding page. RSVPs will be tracked on your account page where you can also send out reminders to the slow pokes with just a click of a button. 

Pre Wedding Stream

For couples who purchase the Premium package, there is an added streaming bonus on a dedicated pre-wedding page. 

Prior to the actual ceremony, talk directly to your iGuests through a separate video stream. The bride can invite iGuests to join her for a toast with bridesmaids or the groom can share last minute jitters! Think of it as your private reality show.

2-way stream

This is the heart of the iGuests platform. 

Rather than just watching you get married on a black streaming page, your iGuests actually participate in the special event.

2-way streaming means you see your guests at home (no PJs allowed!), they see each other – and everyone sees you. So Aunt Bessie in Victoria can see her sister in Scotland, while both watch their favourite niece get married. 

Tissues not included. 

This is not your basic black video streaming.

Wedding Day Memories

For Keeps!

You can download a copy of your wedding video to have and to hold from this day forward. Relive your special day on demand!

To add to your beautiful wedding memories, iGuests are also invited to share special wishes in your Virtual Guest Book.

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